Company values

Ageris want to be perceived as and be:

  • a responsive, flexible and professional business partner for clients
  • a stimulating and pleasant workplace for employees characterized by openness
  • a serious and professional business partner for suppliers

Based on these objectives the activities at Ageris are based on the following values​​:

  • We are responsive and proactive.
  • We are professional and delivery focused.
  • We are flexible and enthusiastic.
  • We believe that transparency promotes cooperation and we share our knowledge and experience to customers, partners, colleagues and employees.
  • We are curios and are open to new perspectives and views.
  • We see people´s differences as an asset and we believe in equality between people.
  • We strive together to achieve success.
  • We respect each other and I as an individual is seen and listened to.
  • We all contribute to a positive working climate and good atmosphere.
  • We take responsibility for our own work and of the group we work in.
  • We see opportunities and we ask ourselves what can be done better.
  • We develop our clients business and processes.
  • We develop our own expertise, our working environment and we take care of our health.

Samantha, Viktor och Chris in a meeting room at Ageris