Johan Johansson - Ageris Kontaktcenter AB

Johan Johansson, CEO and founder

+46(0)70-239 99 53

Johan Johansson works as CEO at Ageris and is a true production expert in contact center. Johan lives and breathes contact center and after many years in the industry Johan has a large network that often calls him to ask for all sorts of advice regarding contact center. Johan loves to discuss and make calculations on the KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) of the contact center. Most often he use mental arithmetic, it’s more fun that way. Johan also serves in the board of the industry association Kontakta.

Johan Grim - Ageris Kontaktcenter AB

Johan Grim, Sales director and founder

+46(0)70-528 98 63

Johan Grim works as a sales director at Ageris. Johan has +20 years of experience in business development and sales of IT and contact center solutions in Scandinavia. Johan’s main interest is how Ageris can make a difference and create value for potential clients and he loves to involve half the company in his potential business.

Ken Persson - Ageris Kontaktcenter AB

Ken Persson, IT director and founder

+46(0)70-314 84 48

Ken Persson works as IT director at Ageris and his expertise is found in automation, contact center platforms, strategic IT management and business development. Ken is a pioneer in the contact center industry and in the 90s he had his own web site and managed one of the first forums on the subject CTI (Computer Telephony Integration). When Ken was on an international contact center conference and was introduced to an American contact center specialist the American asked if it was “theee Ken Persson?”.

Ingrid Larsson - Ageris Kontaktcenter AB

Ingrid Larsson, HR manager

+46(0)76-126 99 55

Ingrid Larsson has worked in the operation since 1995 and has been responsible for human resources since 2000. Ingrid’s responsibilities includes recruitment, transfer of staff in connection with business acquisitions, Policies and Procedures relating to human resources  and the employee surveys Ageris performs two times per year. One of Ingrid’s major interests is travel, which to some extent is satisfied at Ageris as scheduled visits to the centers in Falun and Strömsund is included in her duties.

Victoria Herke - Ageris Kontaktcenter AB
Victoria Herke, WFM Manager

+46(0)70-090 75 57

Victoria Herke is responsible for staffing, quality and training at Ageris. Victoria comes from the insurance industry and has extensive experience working as a change leader and manager. Teamwork is the Ageris value ​​that Victoria appreciates the most. As team athlete Victoria is targeted and motivated by working together with others.

Christine Granström - Ageris Kontaktcenter AB

Christine Granström, Site manager Solna

+46(0)70-601 64 10

Christine is responsible for the production at the center in Solna, which means both personnel and delivery responsibility towards our clients. Christine has +20 years of experience in contact center and she has experience in project management, business development and contact center production for some of the leading outsourcing buyers in the Nordics.

Yvonne Johansson - Ageris Kontaktcenter AB
Yvonne Johansson, Site manager Falun

+46(0)70-696 47 66

Yvonne started working for Ageris when Ageris took responsibility for the operation at the center in Falun January 2014. Yvonne has a background from the Swedish consumer co-operative where she among other things built up and led the member service function. After a decade as hockey mum Yvonne has an unnecessary amount of knowledge about ice hockey.