Ageris has a sourcing strategy and works with a range of partners. This increase competitiveness through less capital investment, access to expertise, it gives scalability and it allows management to focus on Ageris core business.

Altitude Applicate delivers platform, platform operation and technical development of Ageris’ contact center systems. The partnership allows Ageris to be in the front line of technology and offer advanced self-service products, CRM-solutions and adapted integrated solutions which increase efficiency and quality.

Kontakta Ageris is a member of The Swedish Call Center Association, Kontakta, which is a non-profit trade association for companies working with out-sourced customer communication. Through influencing politicians, engage in legislation matters, develop ethical standards and rules, Kontakta is striving to establish basic foundations to improve future business for its members.

Unionen The employees’ union. To be included in a collective bargaining agreement involves a lot of benefits. The agreement covers terms and forms of employment, overtime compensation, time off, wage-increases and it also includes insurance and pension plans.

Almega Ageris’ employers association and contracting party in the collective agreement “The call center agreement” which Ageris employs.

ProScheduler Accurate forecasting and proper staffing is key for Ageris. ProSchedulers tools workforce management tolls helps us to quickly and seamlessly optimize our resources.

SEB Bank and partner in business and financial matters.

Grant Thornton Grant Thornton (Anders Nilsson) is adviser in company matters and the company’s auditor.