We are proud of our clients and the results we have accomplished together. Below you can read some statements from a selection of our clients. Look at the column to the right or click at the circles below to see more about what our clients say about us.


  • By partnering with Ageris we have received better monitoring of the customer service performance in relation to our objectives and through measurement of customer satisfaction index (CSI), we now have a better view of how customers perceive our service. Ageris is a responsive partner who helped us to create a more efficient and more professional customer service.

    Linda SjöstenBring Citymail / Quality Manager
  • Through the cooperation with Ageris we have a competent partner who continuously deliver customer service of high quality, good sales results and profitable customers. Ageris brings us important expertise and allows us to develop our services in the direction demanded by the market.

    Regina SiposSvensk Adressändring / Managing Director
  • Through the cooperation with Ageris we have a competent partner that helps us to develop our customer service. This means that we at Viking Line can focus on our core business. Ageris has added flexibility, strengthened our sales in customer service, reduced cost and our ability to monitor operations has improved.

    Sören HelgossonViking Line / Travel Manager
  • Through the cooperation with Ageris we have a keen and flexible partner who markets and develops our customer service and help us to achieve our goals regarding availability, service, sales, and cost. Ageris helps us create transparency in our customer service and now we have the necessary tools to understand what happens in our business all the way from service level agreements and customer satisfaction to the real contents in our calls.

    Fredrik EngzellCOOP / Customer Service Manager