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“Through the cooperation with Ageris we have a keen and flexible partner who markets and develops our customer service and help us to achieve our goals regarding availability, service, sales, and cost.”

– Fredrik Engzell, Customer Service Manager

Ageris helps Coop to achieve goals regarding service and sales

Through the cooperation with Ageris we have a keen and flexible partner who markets and develops our customer service and help us to achieve our goals regarding availability, service, sales, and cost. Ageris helps us create transparency in our customer service and now we have the necessary tools to understand what happens in our business all the way from service level agreements and customer satisfaction to the real contents in our calls, says customer service manager Fredrik Engzell.


Coop previously had a fragmented customer service where different organizational units ran their own businesses for customer- and member service. The outcome was an unclear customer service where the customers often got redirected from one unit to another with low satisfaction and high costs as a result. To remedy this Coop formulated a vision for the future customer service operations:

“Coop will offer a coordinated, modern and accessible customer service that is permeated by Coop’s values and that strengthens the brand Coop.”

The vision was translated into a few concrete targets for availability, customer satisfaction and sales.


In 2013 Coop went through a procurement process and later the same year a business transition was carried out where Ageris took responsibility for staff and operations for four of Coop’s customer centres. The operational transition of MedMera Bank, Coop Marknad, Coop Online and Coop Medlemsservice included staff takeover of 40 employees in Stockholm and Borlänge.

In order to achieve the vision and goals one way in to customer service was created for all types of customer service issues. In that way the customers was given a modern and high-quality service where their issues are addressed at first contact. Coop’s operations in Stockholm and Borlänge moved to Ageris centre in Solna and Falun.

In the first year Ageris implemented production, follow-up and quality processes in order to increase flexibility and productivity, improve accessibility and increase the customer satisfaction. When the basis for good and efficient customer service was in place, Ageris continued to develop the customer service with the introduction of channels such as instant messaging and social media in order to improve accessibility even more and in 2015 the focus laid on how to increase sales of additional products in the customer calls.


Major steps have been taken towards the vision Coop formulated in 2013 for their customer service transformation. The partnership with Ageris has given Coop a responsive and flexible partner for the operation and development and Coop can start focusing on formulating future strategies and goals while Ageris is focusing on the implementation and daily delivery.

The results of the partnership between Coop and Ageris are stable service levels, increased customer satisfaction and sales together with enhanced transparency on what happens in the customer service function with regular reports on the business indicators, including customer satisfaction, additional sales and content in the calls.

After a procurement process winter/spring 2016, Ageris won an additional contract term. About 50 people at Ageris, both in Solna, Falun and Strömsund, are working with the assignment.

During 2016 the development continues with a continued focus on sales in customer service and the development of the digital customer.

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