Ageris delivers customer service, support and sales with high quality to demanding clients. Through motivated and well trained staff, behavior-based methods of conversation analysis , well defined processes and a powerful IT-infrastructure Ageris delivers solutions resulting in growth, customer satisfaction and cost savings.


As outsourcing partner Ageris takes responsibility for parts of, or the complete, customer service, support, sales and/or related areas. Together with our clients we develop strategies to maximize profitability and customer satisfaction in all customer contacts.

At Ageris we care about the human touch, we work actively with the content of calls and customer communication and we use modern methods and technology to ensure results, quality, availability and service level. Ageris offers complete customer service with manual and automatic service where your customers get just the service your company desires.

Business Transfer

At a business transfer Ageris takes responsibility for an existing operation including staff and payroll. If the location where the business operates fit into Ageris growth strategy, the premises may be a part of of the business transfer. Under a transfer agreement, Ageris undertake to reach agreed goals regarding efficiency and cost. The transfer of the operation to Ageris gives your staff the opportunity to develop in other assignments and employees that would otherwise be redundant get the opportunity to develop in competence and responsibility instead.

Linn, customer service representative at Ageris