Reasons for outsourcing

Ageris works for clients from various industries such as media, banking, retail, postal service / logistics, e-commerce, travel and automobile.

Our clients come from different industries and may have different reasons to outsource:

  • Some clients may have an established outsourcing strategy with the aim of creating a scalable business with variable costs following market variations, get access to expertise in customer service and avoiding binding capital.
  • Clients request help in dealing with large and rapid changes as the business moves to the internet and customer demand and expectation of customer service is changing.
  • Volumes to the client’s in-house customer service decreases when the business moves to the web and it is no longer possible to operate customer service with sufficient flexibility and efficiency.
  • There is a need to invest in customer service. The budget is in place but there is a hiring freeze.  Outsourcing provides an opportunity to meet business needs.
  • Executive management asks for savings on the level of 20-40% and at the same time expects that sales in customer service increases.

The reasons for outsourcing may vary as above but common for our clients are:

  • The need for a responsive partner who is able to provide guidance and take the lead in an environment that changes rapidly.
  • The need for high quality, efficient and profitable customer service and sales.

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Samantha, customer service representative at Ageris