Ageris works with sales of various types of services and products through various channels, including inbound telephony, outbound calls and chat. Sales and order size is often one of the key performance indicators that the assignments and employees are measured on. There may be various types of sales and different channels but common success factors for sales in the contact center are:

  • staff with the right attitude who get high quality training
  • qualified management / coaching
  • advanced methods for conversation analysis and continuous development of customer dialogue in order to maximize the desired outcomes
  • platform support for monitoring sales results and efficient outbound sales
Examples of sales activities are:
  • sales on inbound voice, email and chat
  • sales by means of outbound calls and proactive chat
  • loyalty building activities such as outbound welcome calls
  • using live chat to help customers to find the buy button
  • renewal of customer contracts, follow-up mailings and customer surveys through outbound calls
  • “Win-back” and “Anti-churn-” activities aimed at winning back and keeping customers
 Holistic approach to customer service and sales

Ageris works with both customer service and sales which creates opportunities to develop sales in terms of performance, quality, cost, and create long-term customer satisfaction.

Working with both customer service and sales offers several benefits:

  • opportunities to work with the complete customer engagement and the client’s entire offering in every contact
  • as Ageris has deep expertise in the client’s products and services and access to the necessary support systems Ageris can ensure that the order is completed and the customer immediately get started with the bought service
  • with employees who have deep knowledge about client services Ageris is well positioned to work with qualified anti churn (on both incoming and outgoing calls) and Win back (outgoing)

Overall, Ageris is well positioned to contribute to our clients’ sales creating a high level of customer satisfaction and long-term customer loyalty.

Micaela, customer service representative at Ageris